Undoubtedly, Spirit Airlines allows unaccompanied minors to travel. It would be best to buy Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor fare to let your kids travel alone. Furthermore, it would be best if you considered the policies mentioned below before booking the UMNR fare.

  • As per the Spirit Airlines UMNR policy, one should ensure that their kids should be at least five years old or more to avail of this fare.
  • Still, if anyone wants their four years older kid to travel alone with Spirit Airlines, someone fifteen years older must be there to accompany them till the end of travel.
  • Furthermore, as per Spirit Airlines UMNR policy, kids between five and fourteen years old traveling alone must book Spirit Airlines UMNR fare. 
  • Rather than this, kids aged five to fourteen years are liable to travel only on direct routes. 
  • As per the UMNR policy of Spirit Airlines, fifteen years older kids or above can experience solo without registering on Spirit Airlines UMNR Fare Reservations. But they must provide ID proof, including photographs, so that airline authorities can verify their age.
  • Spirit Airlines charges a UMNR service fee for the adult person registered with Spirit Airlines UMNR fare to accompany the kids below the restricted or accepted age.

Guidelines to Glance at! Earlier than Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Fare Booking

To prevent any inconvenience while booking UMNR fare with Spirit Airlines Reservations, you should acknowledge the below-mentioned crucial points in the following bullets.

  • You are supposed to mention that the booking is for the Unaccompanied Minor while flight reservations.
  • Ensure to check in at the ticket kiosk 60 minutes earlier than the departure.
  • Ensure to complete UMNR form at the check-in kiosk earlier than the airline let your kids travel alone. 
  • Ensure to carry gate pass while dropping off your kid at the airport.
  • Similarly, an escorting person is requested to carry the gate pass to escort the kid at the destination airport.
  • Gate passes are accessible only for non-traveling personalities having legal id proof.
  • Ensure to remain at the gate for fifteen minutes once the flight takes off.
  • As per the UMNR form designation, the legal guardian of the unaccompanied minors must arrive at the boarding airport so that they would get a gate pass from the air ticketing kiosk. With this, they must be at the gate for the flight arrival.

How One Can Book Spirit Unaccompanied Airlines Fare?

To book Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fare, one can choose an online booking portal or customer service executive. Beyond these, it's important that you avail any of these to book the UMNR fare to your kid. To make it easier and simpler to book Spirit Airlines Flight to your unaccompanied minor, you should follow the respective procedures. You can contact Spirit Telefono to know complete information about it.

Online Booking Portal Procedure to Complete UMNR fare reservations

  1. First, go to the official web portal of Spirit Airlines.
  2. After that, logon to the site with your registered credential.
  3. Then, you should click on the Book tab.
  4. Further, you should choose the trip type.
  5. With this, you should determine the number of kids along with their Date of Birth.
  6. Moreover, you need to choose the origin(From) and destination(To).
  7. Next, you should choose the return and departure date.
  8. Once you complete the booking detail, ensure to click the choose your flight button.
  9. Afterward, you should choose the trip to book.
  10. Now, continue ahead with further on screen instructions.
  11. Lastly, get the confirmation message to your registered contact details regarding UMNR reservations.

Similarly you can do so while booking Spirit Airlines UMNR fare via mobile application. If it seems tricky yet, you can contact the experts and request them the same.